2020 Dongshin University International Students Admission 

Academic Majors

Undergraduate Program



College of Engineering *Dept. of Architectural Engineering, *Dept. of Civil Engineering, *Dept. of Landscape Architecture, *Dept. of Information & Communication Engineering, *Dept. of Computer Science, *Dept. of Digital and Contents
College of Energy Convergence Dept. of Advanced Materials & Energy Engineering, Dept. of New and Renewable Energy, Dept. of Mechanical Systems Engineering for Energy Convergence, Dept. of Electrical Engineering,   Dept. of Electric Vehicle Engineering, Dept. of Energy System Management Engineering, Dept. of Energy IoT, Dept. of Convergence Information Security
College of Korean Medicine *Dept. of Oriental Medicine, *Dept. of Nursing, *Dept. of Oriental Medicine Materials, *Dept. of Pharmaceutical Engineering
College of Social Culture Dept. of International Language & the literature(*Children's English Education Major, Tourism and Japanese Major, Chinese Language Major, *Teachers of Korean Major), *Dept. of Law-Enforcement Management, *Dept. of Fire Management, Dept. of Military Science, Dept. of Early Childhood Education, *Dept. of Urban Planning, *Dept. of Hotel Management, *Dept. of Tourism Management, *Dept. of Performing & Visual Art, Dept. of In-flight Service, *Dept. of Life-Physical Education, *Dept. of Musical & Practical Music
College of Public Health and Welfare *Dept. of Physical Therapy, *Dept. of Radiological Science, *Dept. of Occupational Therapy, *Dept. of Optometry and Optic Science, *Dept. of Hospital Service, *Dept. of Language Therapy, *Dept. of Food & Nutrition, *Dept. of Exercise Prescription, *Dept. of Cosmetology, *Dept. of Social Welfare, *Dept. of Counseling Psychology

Admission Procedure 


Date and Time

2020 Spring Semester 2020 Fall Semester
Submission 2019. 12. 26.~2020. 01. 31. 2020. 05. 01.~2020. 07. 31.
Interview of Acceptance 2020. 02. 2020. 08.
Individually Inform Individually Inform
Announcement 2020. 02. 18. 2020. 08. 21.
Individually Inform Individually Inform
Registration Before 2020. 02. 18. Before 2020. 08. 21.
The 1st Day of Class 2020. 03. 02. 2020. 09. 01.
The above date can be changed if necessary.
Contact) +82-61-330-4012



Classification Eligibility Notes
Undergraduate Freshmen - Both the applicant and his/her parents should have foreign nationality.
- Those who have completed, or are expected to complete elementary and secondary education.
Transfer Students - The applicant and his/her parents should have foreign nationality.
- Sophomore : Completed for one year(or two semesters) from other institutions
- Junior : Completed for two years(or four semesters) from other institutions
Graduate Master
- The applicant and his/her parents should have foreign nationality
- International students who have completed courses equivalent to elementary, secondary, and college education.

Requirement Materials

 a. Application form
 b. Certificate of (expected) high school graduate (original and English versions))
 c. Transcript of high school (original and English versions)
 d. Recommendation letter
 e. Personal Statement and Study plan
 f. Resident registration card of all family members (Original and English versions)
 g. Copies of family members’ Identification Card
 h. Copy of passport
 i. Five copies of ID picture(Background should be white)
 j. Letter of Financial Guarantee 
   1) Financial supporter (Guarantee) should be parents(family members) 
   2) Balance of least 18,000 USD, which should be kept in your account for longer than 6 months
   3) Document proving guarantee’s annual income (Original and English versions)
※ All documents won’t be returned except original documents
※ Admission will be revoked if submitted documents are counterfeit

Scholarship (Undergraduate/Graduate Programs)

 A. International student scholarship
    - International students recommended from overseas sister schools are waived for 30% amount of tuition fee
    - Admission fee is waived (424,000KRW)
 B. TOPIK Scholarship
Undergraduate School Graduate School
TOPIK Level 3 – 35% out of tuition fee
TOPIK Level 4 – 50% out of tuition fee
TOPIK Level 5 – 70% out of tuition fee
TOPIK Level 6 – 100% out of tuition fee
TOPIK Level 3 – 35% out of tuition fee
TOPIK Level 4 – 50% out of tuition fee
TOPIK Level 5 – 60% out of tuition fee
TOPIK Level 6 – 70% out of tuition fee
 C. Special Scholarship
    - International students who participate all program actively and recommended by Head of Admission and Exchange
      shall be award it(waived for 40% amount of tuition fee up to 100% amount of tuition)
 D. Outstanding student scholarship
    - Outstanding international students recommended by chairman of each department
      shall be award it(waived for 40% amount of tuition fee)